Hello World (Testing… testing… One Two…)

First of all I just would like to say FUCK YOU.

Ok… if you are still reading then you know what this is all about… It’s all about ME. I gotta get this out. My thoughts. My musings.  MY MOTHERFUCKING PROFANITY.

Ight… I promise I’ll slow with the explictives… but just know “This Blog is a free flowing conversation that occasionally touches on mature subjects.”

Right now I am sitting in the dark listening to Get Modal by El-P.  I swear listening to good music is my high. Better than smoke. Better than drink. Better than pills. I stopped short of saying music being better than sex… actually I think it may be.

I can turn up a good track and zone completly the fuck out. Thats the importance of good music… It can take you mentally to places that you normally wouldnt go. It’s like that shit opens up a part of my brain that I dont normally use.

I guess this is it. Im just putting my feelers out there. just getting used to this WordPress format. You get nothing insightful. You get nothing witty. You get nothing funny. You just get random words.

… but remember I’ve already told you… “This is all about ME.”



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